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The complex processes in your body are controlled by psyche, especially during sports. Your own psyche is both an athlete's best friend and his biggest enemy. Whether at practice or in competition, in individual or team sports, as an athlete you have to fight with mental blockades again and again. Doubts about one's own abilities, fear of injury or inferiority complexes in comparison with competitors or team colleagues can have a lasting effect on performance and, when it comes down to it, can become an insurmountable barrier.

"If you don't have confidence,

you always find a way not to win!"

Carl Lewis

This sport psychological training focuses on the action-conditioning and -regulating, on the motivational, emotional and cognitive processes, with the intention to achieve a satisfying and active execution of actions for the athlete.


Through psychology, athletes can find ways to learn how to deal with psychological stress.

Together we develop and implement psychological skills, so that they can permanently put you in an ultimate performance state.

Individual Session


Frequent Mentoring

80 €

65 €


One session is 70 minutes

Persönliche Einheit  80€

Video-Call  80€

As an individual athlete you are responsible for your own actions. Being part of a team or group demands even more from you. As a member of a team, your own performance is no longer the only thing that counts, because you are also dependent from your team mates. The success of the team is of course the most important component.

Different characters - different ways of thinking and behaviour. In order to build a good and sustainable group dynamic, a lot of respect and tolerance is needed within the team.

I would like to stand by your side as a team, because your next success is already pre-programmed.


"Talent wins games, but teamwork

and inteligence wins championships."

Michael Jordan

Team Session      160€

Whole Season    individually

One session is 70 minutes

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