It's just like sports. Every beginning is hard and practice really makes perfect.

Turn procedures into a habit and you will master every task. But most important is one thing:

A positive self-image!


Often you have the feeling that all the challenges to be done cannot be mastered. A day only has 24 hours and you want to have enough free time: This is where your time management is asked for.


You need a concrete goal.

What do you want to achieve?

Pass the next test with a good mark?



You need an overview of what's expected from you. Calendars for upcoming appointments, projects and tests are important.


Get a system in your documents. Loose notes belong in the subject folders, preferably sorted by date. So you don't waste valuable time searching for it. Your workplace should also be as tidy as possible. Chaos always means distraction.


To Do‘s:

Always write a list of tasks you want to complete for the next day in the morning or the evening before.



What are your study goals and for whom should these efforts be worthwhile? You are doing all this for yourself!


Let's go this way together and I am sure that there is much more you can achieve.

"Chopping wood is so popular because

you can see the success immediately

when you do it"

Albert Einstein

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